Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build
Starter Pack - New Build

Starter Pack - New Build

Regular price $5,995.00

Smartlife Pro New Home Starter - System summary

  • A Smartlife remote control App for your iPhone or Android. This “universal remote” controls all your security, door lock, garage door, intercom and lights
  • Smart Security system with wireless motion sensors - receive alerts, monitor and control from your Smartphone
  • Video doorbell intercom - answer your door from anywhere
  • Smart Lighting - all off when you leave, lived in look when you are out
  • Expandable to optionally control HVAC, TVs, music and entertainment system.

Doorbell video intercom

Smart Home video intercom/doorbell which supports remote video monitoring and two way audio communication.

Smart Digital Door lock 

Smart digital lock supports keyless entry. Remote control through the App or pin number. 

Smart Security Alarm

Hardwired Security system with battery back up. Functions as a standalone alarm and also linked to your Smartphone with real time notifications

    • Includes: 
      • Touch Screen Keypad
      • 3x Motion Sensors
      • Internal and External Sirens
      • Back Up Battery
    • Smart Lighting Control
      • This Kit includes 3x Circuits of lighting control. This gives you access from your Smartphone or via Voice Control.
      • Upgrade to as many circuits as your house requires


    Garage door control

    Smart garage door control system enables you to open the garage door remotely to let in a tradesperson or delivery person.

    Programmed ready for Alexa

    Programmed ready for Alexa voice control, Alexa is not included in the kit.

    Smartlife App

    Smartlife remote control App for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android. This “universal remote” controls access to your property, intercom, lights and optionally controls your air conditioning, music, TVs and entertainment system.

    Pre-build, commissioning, pre-wire and installation

    "Ready to install" includes pre-programming and commissioning and excludes pre-wire and installation. Installed Price includes pre-wire and standard installation in a typical home and is subject to site inspection and our terms and conditions.
    Why choose us?
    We Are Local 🇳🇿

    Smartlife is New Zealand owned and operated and the team have been creating integrated technology solutions for smart homes for over 12 years. With services provided nationwide, there are two Smartlife Experience Centers in Auckland and more opening nationwide. 

    Wealth Of Experience

    Coming from a history of creating integrated systems for Superyachts and luxury homes, the goal was to make the benefits of integrated, easy-to-use technology available to everybody. We offer integrated solutions for residential and commercial customers and bespoke solutions for Aged Care and Energy providers. 

    Changing lives

    It's our passion to enhance people's lives by providing exceptional, easy to use, integrated smart home systems for home and business, giving everyday people easy access to the benefits of technology whilst removing the complexity.