Upgrade Option - 4 room Multi-Room Audio with 4 pairs of speakers

Upgrade Option - 4 room Multi-Room Audio with 4 pairs of speakers
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This upgrade provides built in audio in 4 rooms or audio zones, controlled from the Smartlife App. This upgrade requires a Starter solution that includes the Smartlife App and Hub. 

We recommend the use of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers with each of your main TVs, as the speakers in the modern thin TV generally provide poor sound quality as there is no room for speakers. With recessed TVs or Samsung Frame TVs it is preferable to use in-ceiling or in-wall speakers rather than the visual weight of a separate soundbar. 

Flexible Listening: Listen to different sources at the same time at different volume levels throughout your home. Or set all zones to the same source and/or volume to enjoy your music all around your home.

The multi room audio system also enables you to enjoy good sound from your TVs -the integrated Multi Room Audio system ensures all sound comes through the in-ceiling speakers including when you are using the built in TV tuner or smart TV features.

Multi Room Audio Zones (examples)

  1. Lounge (in-ceiling, pair)
  2. Kitchen/ Dining (in-ceiling, pair)
  3. Family Room (in-ceiling, pair)
  4. Outdoors (box speaker, pair)

Multi-room Audio Inputs (examples)

  1. Airplay and Streaming
  2. Chromecast Audio
  3. Family Room TV
  4. Lounge TV

    Includes 3 pairs of Origin Acoustics in-ceiling speakers

    Director 6″ Series – 2-Way In-Ceiling Loudspeaker with a 6.5″ IMG Woofer, Pivoting Silk Tweeter and Tool-Less Installation.


    Interchangeable, secure, elegant. This is the way in-ceiling loudspeakers are meant to be installed. The Director Collection utilizes our tool-less mounting system to provide secure installation in any ceiling. The spring-loaded clips with multiple points of contact ensure the weight is distributed more evenly than traditional dog-legs which protects your ceiling and decreases unwanted vibration transfer.

    Using time tested and true technique of compression molding, we are able to design and produce woofer baskets that are both highly stable and acoustically neutral. The end result is a reduction in distortion without coloration from the basket itself.

    A paintable, perforated grille with a micro bezel covers the entire speaker assembly and leaves a discreet finished appearance. Its magnetic attachment makes removing or replacing the grille fast and easy.

    When a speaker cone reaches its limit of movement and comes to a hard stop, unwanted waves ripple up and down the cone. This is much like a wave hitting the edge of a pool and reflecting back in the center of the water. Our X-Wave Woofer Surround progressively absorbs that impact, preventing unwanted sonic distortion and improving the overall fidelity of the loudspeaker.

    With an IPX6 rating, the entire Director Collection is ready for installation into a wet environment. This rating ensures that your loudspeakers are safe from the corrosion and internal damage commonly posed by exposure to moisture. We believe in these so much, they’re back by a lifetime warranty.

    Includes 1 pair of Origin Acoustic Outdoor Speakers OS55B

    Season Outdoor Collection
    Taking entertainment outside is a balance of audible accuracy, dispersion and power. The Seasons On-wall Collection utilizes a unique driver configuration in a triangular
    cabinet with active woofers and tweeters firing forward and dual passive radiators firing off the back two sides. This means substantial bass and greater achievable
    volume levels to fill the yard, deck or pool area with impressive sound.

    Our Seasons Outdoor Loudspeakers are best in class when it comes to audio and installation enhancing features. The rectangular driver and passive radiators on our OS6 series produce serious low-end while remaining aesthetically refined, and the 2-way design on our OS5 series offers realistic audio with an even smaller footprint.

    All of our OS speakers enjoy an IPx7 rating, which means they could be submerged in up to three feet of water and still perform. So regardless of the amount of moisture in the air, these speakers will last.

    Link to Origin OS Data Sheet

    Link to Origin OS Install manual


    Includes AXIUM MINI 4 Multiroom / Streaming Amplifier, 4 POWERED ZONES 

    4 Zones, 5 Sources + 32 distributed sources

    The AX-Mini4 features 4 powered zones delivering 15 watts per speaker (30 watts per zone) 5 physical
    sources – 1 x Optical and 1 x RCA input via the Baltx2, 1 x additional RCA input on the Mini4 connects
    your favourite devices so you can hear them everywhere along with 2 x configurable Digital Input or
    Output connections.

    When used in conjunction with the AX-AMM Media Manager, internet streaming sources lets you play music
    from thousands of internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio, listen to Spotify Connect, Tidal or from your mobile
    device, even from network attached storage, all controlled by the free auto discovery app (iOS and Android) or
    keypads that put you in control.

    Add to that the ability to access up to 32 distributed sources from any compatible amplifier on the network (AX-1250 and Mini 4) and you will not be running out of inputs any time soon!

    Endless Control
    The internal webpage has unique customisation allowing IR commands to be attached to buttons for source control. User based source and zone lockout via customisable user accounts and the ability for built-in automation via Zone and Source event triggers.

    Audio Control
    600 ms of audio delay for each zone per source as well as bass, treble, balance, loudness and a 7-band parametric equaliser per zone.

    Some of the many features:
    • 15 Watts per channel (30 watts per zone) @8Ω (4Ω capable for 1 zone)
    • 7-band parametric equaliser per zone
    • 2 x Keypad ports
    • Output short circuit, thermal and hard clipping protection
    • 18 dB input gain adjustment
    • 600 ms of audio delay per zone, per source
    • Expandable to 96 zones (via network expansion)
    • Bass, treble, balance and loudness per zone
    • Distributed source capable
      • Up to 4 locally connected sources can be streamed to other distributed source capable amplifiers.
      • All 4 zones can stream a source from another amplifier or Axium Media Manager (AMM).
      • Up to 32 distributed sources system wide.
    • 5 Audio sources:
      • 2 x Analogue
      • 1 x Optical (PCM)
      • 2 x Digital coax (PCM)
    • Plus more

    Download AX-Mini 4 PDF
    Download iOS Diagnostic Logging PDF
    Download Mini4 Advanced Configuration Guide PDF
    Download Mini4 Quick Setup Guide PDF

    Includes Axium AMM2 Media Manager  

    The AX-AMM2 features 8 available network streams with an HDMI output as well as a Line out output providing 10 audio streams in total. The AX-AMM supports Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TuneIn, Network shares (UPnP, SMB), play from your device and Axium Favourites. The AX-AMM2 supports a large list of audio files. Included in this list is AAC (MPEG4), FLAC (lossless) and WAV files. The AX-AMM2 performs sample rate conversion when required to support as many formats as possible.

    Specifications and Features

    • Spotify Connect for each media player stream**
    • TIDAL for high fidelity music streaming**
    • TuneIn Internet streaming**
    • Local mobile device music playback (iOS and Android)
    • Network shares (NAS or PC)
    • Cast to device using UPnP/DLNA
    • 10 Audio Streams:
      • 1 HDMI
      • 1 analogue 3.5mm jack
      • 8 Network stream over LAN (RJ-45)
    • Support for up to 192 kHz 24 bit stereo audio
    • Auto integration into AX-Mini 4 and AX-1250 media players
    • One 5VDC 3A power supply
    • Static or DHCP network connections
    • Dimensions: 94 L x 60 W x 26 D mm

    Smartlife App integration

    The Axium integrates with the Smartlife App. The user can control the volume and source from within the Smartlife App. If the audio return from a TV is used as a source then the Smartlife App will automatically turn on the audio zone when the user selects to watch TV in that zone. 

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